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  • Chang'e-6 mission marks new ground in lunar exploration

    The Chang'e-6 mission is the most technically advanced lunar exploration mission in China's space history, having achieved major breakthroughs including retrograde orbit design and control, intelligent sampling and takeoff and ascent from the far side of the moon, and making it the first country to bring back samples from the moon's far side, said Bian Zhigang, vice administrator of the China National Space Administration.

  • Innovation breathes new life into ancient millet farming in China's Mizhi county

    In Mizhi county of northwest China's Shaanxi province, innovative irrigation techniques have revolutionized traditional millet farming, combining eco-friendly practices with modern technology to improve the well-being of local farmers.

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A green champion

The green transformation of China in the last decade stands out in the world. No other nation has embarked upon green development with the same speed and determination.

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